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Wellness & Physical Fitness

At Advanced Orthopedics & Physical Therapy in Cleveland and Euclid, Ohio, we emphasize wellness and fitness as essential components of a healthy lifestyle. We offer wellness programs that are individually designed for all ages and abilities, performed in a small group setting or individually, that deliver targeted health results.

Our programs include massage therapy, nutritional support, nutritional counseling, personal training, and herbology. To schedule a consultation with any of our wellness program professionals, call (216) 378-9390 or request an appointment online.

Nutritional Counseling and Support

Each of us is biochemically unique. Your nutritional needs are not the same as anyone else's. Our goal is to help you become an active participant in your own health care and rewrite your health history.

Our experts will provide specific product recommendations to help create your own personalized plan. Tailoring a nutritional plan to your individual healing and health maintenance requirements ensures both patient compliance and long-term results.

At Advanced Orthopedics we offer pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-approved Metagenics Neutraceuticals products and plants. We also carry INNATE Response Formulas whole food supplements. INNATE Response™ focuses on targeted ingredients integrated with whole food, resulting in a truly unique, biologically active, nutrient delivery system.

Whole foods are the best medicine, and our nutrition experts will educate patients how to thrive and be nourished with organic, farm-friendly whole foods.

Personal Training

Whether you seek personal training to help you lose weight or to take your fitness to the next level, our personal trainers will provide you with specialized one-on-one attention and an individualized exercise program tailored to meet your weight loss goals and your health and fitness needs.

Our trainers work with individuals of any age or fitness level. They will show you how to begin and continue a smart exercise program that will help you move beyond a stubborn plateau, break out of a fitness rut, or simply re-energize your workout, safely and with realistic results.


Herbology, or herbal medicine, is a potent healing craft comprised of both art and science. Nourishing the body biochemically through the efficacy of herbs is an ancient practice of healing and health care.

Are you seeking a healthier lifestyle? To extend and improve your quality of life through natural wellness, contact Advanced Orthopedics & Physical Therapy today. To get started, call (216) 378-9390 or use our online form to request an appointment with a wellness expert.

Advanced Orthopedics & Physical Therapy

Insurances Accepted Insurances Accepted

We accept Workers' Compensation, Medicare, Medical Mutual of Ohio, United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, CIGNA, Buckeye, Caresource, Paramount, Wellcare, Medicaid, and others. Call your insurance company to learn more.